O Nosso Hub

Matthieu Henry, Janneau Edern, Kristoffer Knudsen, Margarita Osipova

O Nosso Hub is a collection of memories transformed into experiences. This was done by four students that hit the beach in Almada, Portugal. During their trip they found a place that became very dear to them— O Nosso Pub. It means ¨Our Pub¨and it felt like it truly was. They fell for the charm of the small chairs, tasty beer, endless popcorn and groovy music. Worries can not get past the thick green entrance door. Ricardo, the magical owner, surrounds everyone with all the care someone might need. After COVID broke out, the students were abruptly evacuated from Almada and suddenly torn apart from this beloved place and each other. Only the memories remained.This became material in a quest to meet again and collectively answer one question: what can we do to experience these feelings again?

Research File