Wild City

Sunniva Rademacher Flesland

Sunniva is fascinated by plants. On her walks through the city circle, she kept taking pictures and notes of the greenery she would see. She started to map the color-yielding plants in the circle and used them to color textiles with. Throughout that process, she was open to perceive anything she found beautiful. She found the cracks in the walls, with weeds growing in them, inexplicably attractive and mysterious. Sunniva set up an archive of hundreds of these weeds. When she went through the photos, she concluded that those small resilient plants are the only signs of wild nature in the circle: the only plants that are not cultivated and controlled by humans. The project shifted from color-yielding plants to the wild nature in the city. She designed a book called “Wild City” which contains routes to see the survivors of wild nature in the urban area, together with information about the subject, and ways to contribute to re-wilding the city.

Research File