Olga Flor

From Bloemhof to Vreewijk, the urban landscape is defined by a continuous flow of ‘stuff’. All kinds of objects are piled up on the side on the pavement or flying around the streets. Front yards, container areas and next to trashcans… Olga found remarkable trash all over the city. She also notice that it is a highly appreciated resource for certain citizens of the neighborhood and hoarders. She saw how people picked up these objects on the street because of their potential value. The dynamics of gathering, fixing, selling and/or finding a second use looked like a micro economy for unwanted objects. Olga was inspired by this way of dealing and trading. She gathered unwanted objects herself in the neighborhood and became a hoarder herself to understand this economy of objects. She built a cabinet out of the materials she found. This can be given back to the city and could be used as a storage for further exchange of smaller fragile objects that wouldn’t survive in trash piles otherwise.

Research File