The Athens Flora Assembly

Floor Skrabanja

Floor didn’t feel at ease the first time she went into Athens on her search for Flora & Fauna. She would focus on the trash lying around, playgrounds full of plastic waste, pollution of the air and traces of heroin use. She wondered: when and how do we care about our public space? And why does this sometimes turn into indifference? She also felt the warmth of the culture and the people she met: Greek people were caring and hospitable towards her, especially in connection to their own home. This seemed to clash with poor conditions the streets were in. Where does the public space start and end and how can we take care of it, as if it were our shared home? She started researching how public space could become an extension of this much-beloved home. This led to a series of photos with blurred lines between the public and the private. Floor wants to elevate the public space and let the citizens of Athens appreciate their environment differently.

Research File