Tales of Metaxourgeio

Cas van Son

When Cas talked to people in the neighborhoods of Athens, he simply felt the need to share their stories in the purest form. He took out his voice recorder and started gathering bits and pieces of their lives, told by themselves. These recordings became a stage for them to express what they had in mind. Cas turned it into a collection of stories and music from Metaxourgeio. The sound of the streets nowadays have become the tales for the future. Everybody has lost stories, but some are more lost than others.

Research File


Tales of Metaxourgeio’s facebook

Is the main platform that is used for this now. For me this is an ongoing process. I want to invite you all to become the contributor of my project and collect the stories while I’m gone. When you have a story you can message me and I’ll upload it. So that the tales can live on.

Currently I’m working together with the Caravan Project. A documentary team that has been doing awesome documentaries about all over Greece. We are trying to connect our ideas in a combined platform that can be used by the viewer and also be interacted with so that our stories will live on and get feedback/reactions from the locals and other people around the world.