Nomadic Platform

Juno Brown

Are the public spaces in our cities really public?

Public space sounds like it belongs to people, to the community. However, it is not ownership that we have over these spaces, or the freedom to do what we please there. So what does public mean in this context?

Nomadic Platform is a project that rose from this consideration of what urban public space is; what it could be; what it should be.

Acting as an intervention and experiment, Nomadic Platform is a physical creative platform that travels freely through urban landscapes, temporarily pausing to occupy and use public space for creative purposes; questioning its ordinary use.

Research File


Nomadic Platform is a bicycle powered event space. It aims to use the city’s streets more creatively and freely, bringing into question how public public-space really is.

This is primarily reacting to themes of privatisation, surveillance and recent Covid curfews.

It will continue to develop, and will become collaborative – acting as a platform for creatives to host events. These events will always take place in public space, and somehow link to the theme of reclamation of the city’s streets. 

For the process and research of this project, please download the Research PDF

The platforms first event took place on the 26th of June 2021, in Strijp-S, Eindhoven.

The event was called Beach Chair Bonanza.

Together we are making beach chairs, in public space. An active intervention and claiming of public space. Once constructed, we’ll sit back and take in our new chairs and surroundings.

I organised the event, invited some people, and cycled Nomadic Platform loaded with wood, textile, tools and all else needed to build a beach chair. The public was actively encouraged to join in with the building process.