Oscar Rainbird-Chill

The Bench is a slatted surface, never too hot or too cold, that hovers above the stone surface it has been placed on. Some benches have been designed specifically to be put in groups next to the large paths of a park. Oscar designed one and incorporated an element of surprise – uncommon to the benches of Madrid. Lull.01 can be used by a single sitter or a group of friends, and they will find themselves absorbed by the possibilities of movement: an energetic rocking, a soothing lull, or perhaps just a backwards lean, keeping
the back straight and the muscles in use. When shared with others, the user will feel their movement – an unspoken interaction that might spark a spoken one. It is an appendage to the benches in the Rio de Madrid that enhances the experience of resting and changes the perception of the space surrounding the sitter.

Research File