Thomas Woltmann

Lotteries can be found all over the city of Madrid. It is a place where people meet up to buy tickets that might get them the jackpot. But the tangible wealth it might get them, is limited to a few lucky ones. So why do people continue to play when the chance of winning is so small? Thomas asked. He went around the city to ask the loteria-lovers what they liked so much about the game and concluded that the ‘loteria’ distributes a different kind of wealth – intangible wealth. The added value lies in the act of playing and the social cohesion that came with it. It ties together all kinds of groups from society, with wealth assets that go beyond ‘money’: collectivism, joy, love and hope. In his project, Thomas created a new format to play the Loteria. It consists of three parts: the motive for playing, the illusion and the endowment. This new Loteria allows players to dream in their own world and be part of something bigger in the real world. It focuses on the underlying, intangible wealth that motivates them to play.

Research File