Kefir making

Anne-Iris Espinat Dief

Flora and fauna represent beings apart from humans. Surrounding us, we daily use products from it, for example we need trees for the air we breathe. But when is the last time you interacted with it in a common interest? Would you know how to do?

Local resources such as fruit trees are abondant and water is at the origin of life. Made from pure water, fruits, sugar, and grains of kefir, a microorganism, Kefir is one of the oldest natural beverage common to all sub-tropical areas. Circularly alive, the Kefir can’t be industrialized but regenerates our immune system. From macro to micro, it is a powerful actor of change if you take care of it. This project propose a symbiotic economy. For that I also present the creation of a public fountain of filtrated water, where a collective culture can meet around Kefir and develop the social fabric of Almada.

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