Caroline Cotto

With “Inhabitants”, Caroline drew inspiration from the color of people: their clothing, accessorizes and skin. Inside the circle, she captured as much skin color and clothing as possible at different locations, at different times. She made a collection of 70 shades with the help of Madrilians in the area of Legazpi. It highlights differences between people and aims to give a dynamic and authentic meaning to colors. “Tones S” show the way sunlight affects the skin color. “Tones C” emphasize on the vibrant and dynamic character of the city through a complete color range, which is a beautiful clothing diversity. Together, the color swatches provide a rich and endless range of possibilities. Caroline presented the samples in three different ways: in a book, as postcards and as a color chart to be used for future design in the city. The extraordinary banality of the passer by in the street is extremely powerful and shows the colors of life.

Research File