Anne-Iris Espinat Dief

16.03.2020 Flight back from Almada to Toulouse my hometown. During lockdown period in France, a grand-daughter wants to understand the history of her grand-father, he is 85, she is 23. Through recording and writing, pencils and memory, eyes and ears, two far away generations get the chance to find what resonate and to explore the narrative analysis behind.


This project is today presented to you as a mise-en-scène combining visual, audio and spatial experience, inside and outside the exhibition. You can look into the window of a small home, three generations, the news-paper and the past-storyteller, listen through the fourth wall and reflect on your own communication architecture with what is around you. During a time filled with worrying realities and hopes I tried to find what is, like on a theater stage, the universal truth of what is singular.

Research File