Daniel Laufs

During Daniels research, he came to the conclusion that children in the Bos en Lommer neighborhood face several challenges in their personal development,  especially when it comes to their social skills. He based this on some findings he did when he was there. He stated that cultural diversity can be a valuable learning opportunity, but a challenge too: norms and values don’t always align and this can lead to conflict. According to teachers of the Multatuli school, there is a general shortage of teachers in the area and there is a high number of single parents, which means children need to learn social skills more independently. Luckily, school playgrounds are important spaces for learning, but they tend to be under equipped and badly maintained. That’s why Daniel decided to design a tool for a future playground around the school area, which he named ‘Encompass’. It stimulates children to work together and create a balance. Team play, trust and sensitivity towards each other are key elements to make this work. And the more users, the more fun! Like any other playground, it also encourages physical exercise and body coordination. His playground equipment is an affordable and durable option due to the simple shape and construction. With his proposal, he hopes to help the kids in the neighborhood develop their social skills.