Eindhoven de mooiste!

Sascha Lammerts

WHAT A social platform that provides a new pair of glasses to experience Eindhoven with. People in the city of Eindhoven decorate and personalize the exteriors and facades of their houses. City planners and architects have designed the homes, but the inhabitants add their own layer on top and are the ones that ultimately decide what the final street view feels like. In this sense, we can see their personalizations as the purest form of local, visual culture.

WHY Citizens and their art and culture can be overlooked quite often. By giving them a stage we refocus our view on what culture is, allowing people to rediscover Eindhoven, merging them into the VGNP experience. Next to that, spreading out tourists over a larger area is a highly sustainable form of tourism.

HOW A guide map that allows curious citizens and tourists to experience Eindhoven through routes and interviews. Next to that there is an online platform where local inhabitants can share their stories and build a database of interesting places to visit. This online platform can be used as an extension of the guide map.

Research File