De vrouwen of De Kolenkit

Jade Badra

Jade had been researching and thinking a lot about ‘identity’ lately. How are we recognized by others and how do we recognize ourselves? The way we define who we are, is strongly related to the perspective of outsiders. Clothing, the way we speak and move or interact with friends and family: it is part of a bigger puzzle that forms our identity. Jade believes that the strongest it is, the more empowered we become. An important element to this is the identity of a group of individuals acting together. She decided to set up such a group dynamic in the neighborhood with the women of De Kolenkit. They had already been very active in all kinds of activities in the area. Together, they worked out a visual identity that would represent them and their actions for the neighborhood and its inhabitants. Jade functioned as a mediator and let the creative decisions be made by the women themselves. They knew De Kolenkit best, after all. This led to a collection of products that represents the unique identity of these women and the neighborhood they stand for.