Crafts to Last

Martijn Straatman

During Martijns stay in Athens, he met a local craftsmen. This man, Giorgos, invited him into his workshop to work together for a few days and taught him some of the insights to woodturning. During this time, it occurred to Martijn how important the passing on of knowledge was for the future of crafts. This observation formed the foundation for his project ‘Clepsidra’.

Martijn decided to use his new skills and contacts for the production of hourglasses, representing all the hours that need to be invested by two or more people in order to learn a new skill. Clepsidra’ means hourglass in Greek and is a symbol for the circle that was being researched: Metaxourgeio. The hourglass has been filled with sand from the area and are made with Girogos. The main wood species used for the product are Elm, Pallisander and Walnut. The brass came from the workshop of his neighbor.

Research File