Filips Staņislavskis

Tacit knowledge is a key element for the understanding of the world. It is acquired through the act of practical engagement with the material around us. This form of knowledge functions as a tool that is often referred to as “skills”. This refers to the performance of making and translates into visible hand gestures of experienced craftsmen. Filips wanted to highlight how important it is to maintain the world of craftmanship and developed a project together with craftsmen. They created performance objects that call for the same hand-gestures as used by the craftsmen of Bos en Lommer, with the intention to unify the diverse rhythms of gestures we embody. This all happened on a playground of collective improvisation. He hopes to invite the makers and visitors to dream about ways of cooperation and harmony. It is a tactile strategy for solidarity. Filips believes that we will get to know each other better by joining each other’s performances and learning their vocabularies. We are not our thoughts but our interactions.

Research File