Arquitectura Suave

Michèle Boulogne

Shifting architectural patterns

The urban landscape affects how individuals perceive and navigate the city. By structuring the spatial organization, some elements such as landmarks allow an easier perception and more accurate mental maps. As visually sensible objects, buildings have the capacity to be distinctive spatial elements by means of either color, size or scale.

On the ground of the rise of cities in the sixties, Almada faced a need of housing, impacting permanently the cityscape. The verticality and repeat for efficiency reason blended with colors; generating singular buildings; landmarks. Beyond the practicality, this cross sections of features generate unique patterns over the streets.Those patterns are now translated to architecture of garment. This transfer to a human scale discharge the buildings from it’s expression of efficiency,revealing its beauty.

This permanently impacted the cityscape. The verticality and repetition for efficiency  blended with colors and generated singular buildings; landmarks. They are practical, but their cross sections also generate unique patterns in the streets. These patterns have been translated to architecture of garment. Michèle transferred it to a human scale and revealed its beauty.

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