Ambassador of Equality

Guntra Laivacuma

Violence against women in Spain has been and still is a big problem. In 2017 alone, at least 45 women have been murdered by their partners or ex-partners. Guntra listened to the stories of the locals about gender equality and was shocked to hear the stories and numbers about this issue. She discovered that teenagers lack information on the subject, while it has been proven that education is a crucial tool to prevent gender violence. She designed ‘’Ambassador of Equality’’, an interactive and educational game for teenagers. To become Ambassador, you need to complete four unique challenges: scavenger hunt, quiz, role play and street art. Ambassador is not just a title: it is a symbol of knowledge and comes along with a responsibility to find and guide new players in their discoveries. Using this approach, Guntra hopes that the players will share their knowledge. The activist spirit can progressively expand to classmates, friends and family. The game aims to empower and educate teenagers, by reflecting on their environment and becoming active participants in the fight for gender equality.




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