Stupidity of Resistance

Lotte de Haan

It all started with this lady feeding a bunch of pigeons. She came around the corner with her walking cart, pulled out a big bag of bread crumbs and pigeons came soaring down from the surrounding flats. Why does she do this? Why are there so many pigeons around and where do they come from? Lotte wanted to look at the circle through the perspective of a pigeon. She researched what the inhabitants of Metaxourgio thought of the birds and where they can be found during the day. For some, the pigeon brings pleasure and relaxation. For others, the bird stands for a dirty, ‘flying rat’. They shit on their property and nest inside of the shop signs. They come up with all kinds of creative solutions to scare them away, but it never really works. Pigeons keep coming because the city is one of the greatest environments to be in. Image all the energy that went to waste resisting them! Wouldn’t it be better to put the energy into finding a common solution that both parties (birds and people) would benefit from? Lotte imagined a future scenario where the pigeon could help to see the urban tissue through the eyes of a pigeon and came up with all kinds of designs that benifit all inhabitants of Athens.


Research File